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A commitment to achieving potential - through consulting, training, and coaching. 

About Emily Ambrose (she/her/hers), Coach & Consultant

My Background

I’ve been working with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations to reach their potential for  over a decade. Traditionally in higher education institutions, my work focused on training and development, communication, diversity education, relationship dynamics, and leadership. My professional development and training certifications have allowed me to cultivate a certain set of skills to share knowledge, build awareness, and assist others in reaching their full potential. 

Note: While I have much experience, I am neither a lawyer or counselor. I'm happy to connect you to both/either if the need should arise.

My Experience

I've worked with outdoor outfitters to infuse inclusion and respect into work environments; I've taught leadership and diversity courses for eleven years; I've facilitated workshops from hour-long sessions to multi-day retreats. I took up consulting and coaching as a way to infuse awareness and skills of communication, identities, personality inventories, and reflection into relationships. 

About Me

 I  currently work at Colorado State University in Training & Development; I also teach in multiple leadership and diversity courses. I found home in the Grand Canyon working as a guide for Arizona Raft Adventures (AzRA).  I love my dog, Stellaluna and adventuring with my girlfriend in Colorado.

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How can I help?

I understand that each organization's needs are unique to them. Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon with some ideas.

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