Connect. Envision. Engage.

Connect. Envision. Engage.

Connect. Envision. Engage.Connect. Envision. Engage.Connect. Envision. Engage.

A commitment to achieving potential - through consulting, training, and coaching. 

Core concepts of engage consulting



Organizations, teams, and leadership don't operate in a bubble. There is context, dynamics, energy which all factors in to group success. Connect with each other to build success and enjoyment.



To get somewhere, we need to know where we're going. Working with an outside consultant can help see things otherwise difficult to grasp. Together, we can envision your future.



“To engage” signifies active participation. It indicates a decision to resist stagnation, always recognizing accomplishments, welcoming feedback, adjusting behavior, and essentially committing to “showing up”. 

Organizational Training offerings

Organizational Change & Leadership


These workshops recognize the multitude of ways organizations evolve or stay stagnant. Purposeful change takes time, energy, and effective leadership. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Building awareness and knowledge are first steps to working together effectively. Having difficult conversations about equity and inclusion in organizations takes trust and time.

Communication & Group Dynamics


Having good communication is essential to efficiency, satisfaction, and progress. Workshops can include conflict management, consensus building, encouraging transparency, etc.

1:1 Conversations & Coaching


A listening ear about the challenges happening in an organization can be just what is needed. Braindumping and processing with someone confidential and outside can be extremely beneficial.

Assessing Organizational Culture


Understanding the culture of an organization is necessary to move forward in terms of what's needed. Through assessment, conversations, and other tools, I can help organizations take an honest look at where they are and where they would like to improve.

Policies & Practices Evaluation


The policies and practices within organizations can sometimes be unknowingly unfair and oppressive. We can take a look at how your organization operates and envision how these can be done better.



"Emily is FABULOUS when it comes to all things around equity and group facilitation! Emily is a highly experiences facilitator who customized a keynote session for our staff as well as an interactive workshop. She exposed participants to the complex, personal and controversial subjects of racial bias and social justice, into an approachable topic! She helped our staff in gaining a relevant 101 understanding, while at the same time pushing our thinking around the “tough” stuff in a professional and respectable way. Working with Emily to customize this experience was seamless from beginning to end, her thorough dedication to the craft is impressive. Her skill was clear from our first interactions all the way to post-training actions she took with staff and evaluation. Every library and organization wanting to incorporate more inclusive, intersectional practices into their workplace culture MUST hire Emily!"

-Haley Squires, Librarian II Children’s Services


"Emily has skillfully crafted and lead three trainings for Canyon Explorations / Expeditions guides, owners and managers. It can be a tall order to enter a room full of close knit coworkers with the task of facilitating a meaningful training on bias, power and inclusivity in the workplace. Emily approaches the challenge with grace, authenticity, awareness and deep knowledge which creates a safe space for members of the group to speak, listen and learn. We are so appreciative of Emily’s ability to connect with each individual around the issues that we need to address within our company culture. Emily will be our go to facilitator and trainer for years to come." 

-Justin Salamon, Guide Manager


"We are thrilled to have Emily Ambrose spearheading the development and facilitation of our Point Positive Workshop series, providing incredibly useful and relevant tools for our river community. Emily's professionalism and expertise, coupled with her enthusiasm and deft approach to challenging topics, always garners glowing reviews from participants.  They want more!"

-Lynn Hamilton, Executive Director


"Emily is a gifted facilitator!  Her trainings include a variety of activities designed to engage my staff to understand and utilize the skills she is delivering."

-Emma Wharton, Executive Director

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