What Is Relationship Coaching?

 You have questions. Here’s the general premise. Relationships have cycles: the beginning (fun, zesty, exciting); the during – the ups (in-sync, moving forward, communicating), the downs (out-of-sync, stagnant, in a funk), and everything in between. Wherever you are in the cycle, Relationship Coaching can be a guide to go from good to great, from surviving to thriving. For:

Progressive Pre-Commitment Couple’s Conversations  
Anniversary Maintenance Check-In
Any random occasion to work on that which is infinitely important   

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Why "Engage"?


  “To engage” signifies active participation. It indicates a decision to resist stagnation, always recognizing accomplishments within the relationship, welcoming feedback, adjusting behavior, and essentially committing to “showing up” in the relationship. The reason this is COACHING is because it is intended to find and raise the voices of the individuals and of the relationship. So whether you are engaged and don’t want to stop, you want to re-engage at your full potential within your relationship, or you want to challenge yourself and your relationship to be the best possible, let’s work together to make this happen.


Core Process

  1. Initial consulting conversation
  2. Pre-Work (possibly)
  3. Meet-ups (in person or virtually)

Couples' Conversations

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Full-Day Couple Retreat

Progress through a series of personality assessments and breweries in the Fort Collins area

A La Carte: Facilitated Conversations

Values Clarification Activity

To aid in the conversations about priorities and decision-making

(Time Needed: 1 Hour)

Needs vs. Wants

A dialogue about compromise: our negotiables and our non-negotiables

(Time Needed: 1.5 Hours)

Conflict & Accountability

Sometimes difficult and always necessary discussions. Explore trigger points and skills to cooperate.

(Time Needed: 1.5 Hours)

A La Carte: Personality Assessments

Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

A personality assessment to explore similarities and tension points
(Time Needed: 1.5 Hours)


To see one another’s strengths inside/outside the relationship to assess how to help each other thrive

(Time Needed 1.5 Hours)

Love Languages®

To understand how each give/receives appreciation and love

(Time Needed: 1 Hour)

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